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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Loft Conversion Ideas: Attic Office Spaces

27th July, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

One of our favourite things is create attic office spaces. Writing this from our own office, in which it often feels we spend more time than we do at home, it’s not difficult to convince ourselves of the importance of a working space that reinforces energy, gumption, and imagination. It is a pleasure for us when ... Read More

Loft Conversion Ideas: Eaves Conversions

22nd July, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

At CLL, the two parts of a new project that really get us fired up are the structural – every design is a puzzle presenting a new combination of practical elements for us to figure out – and the point when we finish and hand over a home with a new, fresh living space. Unfortunately, ... Read More

Home Selling Tips

19th July, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

Now it is all about home improvement here in our blog. With the latest news about a 12% increase in the house prices by London standard, people are in the verge of buying and selling houses. Though this is a bit of good news for those who intend to sell, there are many things that ... Read More

Top 3 Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Loft Conversion

9th July, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

Before you decide to go for a loft conversion, it is always good to consider some primary things. Here are the three things that should never be overlooked if you are opting for loft conversion. Is your home “healthy” enough to handle the loft conversion You may find it absurd on seeing the word “healthy”, ... Read More

Inspiration: The Low Budget Bedroom Conversion

5th July, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

For many the bedroom is like a heaven, to relieve you from the stress of your day’s work. If the room is more sophisticated, then your joy will have no bounds. Some feel that decorating a bedroom is often expensive and time consuming, but we say, if you spend just a few bucks and kindle your imagination, ... Read More

The Top 5 Benefits of Loft Conversions

4th July, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

There are a number of great benefits to the purchase and construction of a loft. When you call us at Central London Lofts, we will be able to implement incredible solutions for your needs. However, we also know that you may not be sure if there’s any added benefit to this, aside from the expansion ... Read More

Loft Conversion Inspiration: The Colour Blue

1st July, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

Gone are the days when lofts are just dark and dusty places to store and stow away things you don’t use. Now with the latest improvement in loft conversions, you can easily transform your loft into a usable bedroom or a living room. When it comes to painting and colouring the loft, blue tops the ... Read More