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How to Insulate Your Loft Properly

Insulating your loft is incredibly important. Insulation keeps your loft cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and above all it can save you a fortune on your heating bills. Without insulation, as much as 50% of your heating could disappear right from above you...
loft conversion fire safety

A Guide to Loft Conversion Fire Safety

The new storey / loft conversion should be separated from the rest of the house with a fire resisting construction. To maintain this separation measures should be taken to prevent fire and smoke in the stairway from entering the new storey - an integral part of loft conversion fire safety.
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Low Head Height Loft Conversions

You might be thinking about a loft conversion, but you're not sure if you've got enough headspace for it. To help you, we've come up with a handy guide for you to get more understanding of the requirements of a loft conversion in your home.
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The Ultimate Loft Conversion Guide

When it comes to converting your loft there are so many factors to take into consideration it can seem pretty overwhelming. And if you’ve never conducted any work on your building before it can seem like more stress and greater costs than you can cope with. So to allay any worries you may have...

Luxury Loft Bedroom Inspiration

If you have an empty loft space above your head, then nothing seems better than transforming it into a sleeper's paradise. But where to start? We scoured the internet for the most stunning luxury loft bedroom inspiration we could find - and you're going to love what we found.
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Loft Conversion Inspiration: A Touch of Terra Cotta

Terracotta is another earthy material that can find new life when used in ways even slightly unexpected. We like the industrial and the simple, so we are particularly fond of terracotta. Apparently it is supposed to be a design trend this coming year, so here are some thoughts and images for you from CLL.
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Loft Conversion Inspiration: Head Softly To Bed

There’s no more intimate room in your home than your bedroom, and choosing an upholstered headboard can bring an extra layer of protection and luxury. We have been seeing more and more of them this year as we visit clients and decided to investigate a bit further.