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Loft Conversion Guides

Our loft conversion guides are designed to help everyone, no matter what stage of your project you’re at. That means whether you’re still considering hiring a company, are half way through your own DIY project or are looking for after-care or design suggestions, you’ll find the info you need right here!

Everyone knows that the best way to improve your home is by turning dead space into thriving rooms! How better to do this than by a loft conversion? Sat atop your home, housing board games and Christmas decorations for the last decade, why not make your home work better for you and take advantage of the amazing potential you have just a ladder ride away…

Loft Conversion Guides

Loft Conversion Guides & Advice

The Basics

Learn all about the most important factors that will affect your loft conversion! Our guides will cover the following principles of design and planning so that you know everything you need to before the project begins…

  • Planning permission
  • Building regulations
  • Plumbing & electrics
  • Ceiling Height
  • Stairwell Installation
  • Fire safety

Design in Detail

What makes a standard loft conversion into something truly remarkable? As they say, the devil is in the details. Our loft conversion guides will cover…

  • Painting & decorating
  • Lighting design
  • Flooring & layouts
  • Furnishings
  • Design trends
  • Roof & skylights

Advanced Guides

Do you know how to properly budget for a loft conversion? How about what materials and products are best for insulation? The following will take you into the nitty gritty!

  • How to insulate a loft conversion
  • How to ensure your loft is energy efficient
  • Modernising your loft with new technology

Though the list doesn’t stop there. Check out all of our latest guides below to see what else you can discover. And if it’s inspiration that you’re after, then head on over to our Loft Conversion Design Ideas for all the weirdest and wonderful ingenuity you could imagine!

7th December, 2017, Posted by Central London Lofts

Insulating your loft is incredibly important. Insulation keeps your loft cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and above all it can save you a fortune on your heating bills. Without insulation, as...Read more

6th December, 2017, Posted by Central London Lofts

The new storey / loft conversion should be separated from the rest of the house with a fire resisting construction. To maintain this separation measures should be taken to prevent fire and smoke in the...Read more

6th December, 2017, Posted by Central London Lofts

You might be thinking about a loft conversion, but you're not sure if you've got enough headspace for it. To help you, we've come up with a handy guide for you to get more understanding...Read more

24th January, 2017, Posted by Central London Lofts

When it comes to converting your loft there are so many factors to take into consideration it can seem pretty overwhelming. And if you’ve never conducted any work on your building before it can seem...Read more

1st November, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

8th August, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

The development guides for loft conversions can be quite confusing, so we’re enclosing all the information you need to know in this handy blog post. Before we begin, here’s the definitions of terms we mention:...Read more

19th July, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

Now it is all about home improvement here in our blog. With the latest news about a 12% increase in the house prices by London standard, people are in the verge of buying and selling...Read more

25th April, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

So you’re thinking about installing a new bathroom in your loft? Well, welcome! Let’s talk about everything you need to know… Tips to Design a Good Loft Conversion Bathroom As with all things, installing a...Read more

16th July, 2015, Posted by Central London Lofts

Of course, it is a well known fact that a new loft conversion will be well insulated. There will be enough light and warmth, but what about at night? It will be bitter cold at...Read more

25th May, 2015, Posted by Central London Lofts

Whether you’re planning to convert your loft, or already converted one, and looking for some design ideas and decorating tips, take a look here for some of our top tips! All White? One of the trickiest...Read more