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Loft Conversion Ideas

Loft conversion ideas to get you excited about home renovation from Central London Lofts!

Every week we bring you the most amazing loft conversion ideas from around the world. Whether you’re working on a strict budget, or are looking for luxury design inspiration, we’re here to get your creative juices flowing! If you want to be the first to know about our latest posts, sign up to our inspiration newsletter to get our blogs sent straight to your inbox.

Be Inspired By Our Loft Conversions

Combing the internet, and trawling through our own loft conversion archives, we break designs down to their basics so you can learn about what makes a loft conversion special. Whether you’re looking to create a master suite on your top floor. Or are looking to expand your family and need space for the new arrivals. We’ve got you.

If it’s home office ideas that your after, or a personal gym. Additional living room space or something completely out of the box, this is the place for you!

Keep Up To Date

Learn about the latest trends, the wildest ideas and the most outrageous conversions. How to make sure your home is ready for future technology, and how to ensure that you are adding maximum value to your property. All you need to do is pour yourself a coffee, sit back and let your imagination wander!

8th November, 2018, Posted by Catherine Tina

LOFT CONVERSION IDEA: The main idea of a Loft Conversion library: “I want the loft converted into a library. Will it be possible?” This was the question that Lisa asked us when she approached us...Read more

9th December, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

22nd November, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

If you have an empty loft space above your head, then nothing seems better than transforming it into a sleeper's paradise. But where to start? We scoured the internet for the most stunning luxury loft...Read more

15th November, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

Terracotta is another earthy material that can find new life when used in ways even slightly unexpected. We like the industrial and the simple, so we are particularly fond of terracotta. Apparently it is supposed...Read more

9th November, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

There’s no more intimate room in your home than your bedroom, and choosing an upholstered headboard can bring an extra layer of protection and luxury. We have been seeing more and more of them this...Read more

17th October, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

Modern technology has so much to offer the home. Which is why we’ve gathered 12 ideas for you to incorporate new technology into your loft. Enjoy!

12th October, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

As construction work toughens up our hardened hands, our hearts become even more tender at the thought of a little girl eventually occupying the raw spaces we are overhauling. Here are some rooms we hope...Read more

23rd September, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

Looking to convert that small attic space, but worried about what you'll do with all your belongings? Our loft conversion storage ideas will help...

4th August, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

And so we take a look at boys’ attic bedrooms. There’s something about an attic bedroom when it’s for a child. It makes you think of storybooks and classic fairy tales for children. They’re at the top...Read more

27th July, 2016, Posted by Central London Lofts

One of our favourite things is create attic office spaces. Writing this from our own office, in which it often feels we spend more time than we do at home, it’s not difficult to convince...Read more