Like many of our clients, the family in this Eltham home were thinking about the future. With growing, young children they not only wanted to add space to their house, creating an additional bedroom for themselves. But they were thinking if one day they decided to move on, a converted loft would add some real value to the price. (And top up those college funds.)

So to the project itself.

A red-brick terrace with frontside bay windows up and down, our clients were used to a space that felt airy and light. The budget didn’t allow for a juliet balcony, so we wanted to ensure the space didn’t feel dingy. This was done by strategically placing Velux windows and a skylight in the front side of the property.

When it came to the bathroom, our client wanted a bit of space to twirl around in. This meant a wider room compared to what we would normally do with this amount of floor space. Installing a modern walk-in shower, basin and toilet, there’s enough space for two people to use the room comfortably.

Finished with an understated staircase, complete with wooden bannister, this is an example of the more modest loft conversions we offer.