Top 3 Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Loft Conversion

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Before you decide to go for a loft conversion, it is always good to consider some primary things. Here are the three things that should never be overlooked if you are opting for loft conversion.

Is your home “healthy” enough to handle the loft conversion

You may find it absurd on seeing the word “healthy”, especially while talking about your home. But a typical loft conversion can add some serious weight to your home. Though in some cases, the increase in weight will be quite modest, it is always good to check if your home will be able to handle the weight increase. Additionally, your building control officer will certainly want to know about this.

On top of this, it is always a good idea to dig a small hole to expose the foundations. If your house needs some sort of underpinning work to support the loft conversion then your budget may be double what you anticipated. As such, it’s of paramount importance to get this our of the way in the beginning!

Consider the head height

Many times, people find there is not enough headroom in their converted loft. Always keep it in your mind, the loft conversion should add a room to your existing house, rather than taking up an entire floor. It is always a good practice to get your designer to draw out the plans perfectly so that you can understand the amount of headroom available.

You should also keep in mind that you will also need to accommodate a new stairwell.

Party walls and building regulations should be a top priority:

You will always need approval from building regulations for loft conversion. A well considered design will certainly take the risk out of the work.

You should also inform your neighbours if your house is semi-detached or terraced. This falls under the Party Wall Act 1996. It is the duty of your building control officer to inspect every stage of the loft conversion and issue you a completed certificate once the project is over. But you need to get the ball rolling yourself first!

There are many other things that should be considered too before you choose to go ahead, but hopefully this little guide will help. For more information, just get in touch!