Loft Conversion Ideas: Attic Office Spaces

Copenhagen loft conversion office attic

One of our favourite things is create attic office spaces. Writing this from our own office, in which it often feels we spend more time than we do at home, it’s not difficult to convince ourselves of the importance of a working space that reinforces energy, gumption, and imagination. It is a pleasure for us when we can help other people attain it too.

Attic Office Spaces

Home office round window loft Found On Pinterest

An artist’s studio is a special kind of working space.  The few essential objects in this one are framed well by the fittings of the room – not least that wonderful window out on the world and all it holds for the artist.

Bookshelves wall home office loft Found On Pinterest

Following up paintings with books seems only right; it’s fascinating to us how different the appearances of these two rooms are, given that they both are focused on flights of fancy and creative thought.  We would be able to advise you on how to put in these fine bookshelves as well.

London loft conversion office space inspiration Credit: Mclaren.Excell

What simple, clean lines here!

Fashion studio office space in Russian Loft Credit: Olga Kataevskaya

An entirely different view on work, but one no less ingenious.  We know how inspiring clothes can be – why not work amongst yours, especially when they are this beautifully arranged?  Without the skylights, we don’t feel this would work nearly as well – which is why careful planning and architectural know-how is so important to us.

traditional loft conversion office space design Found On Pinterest

We admire the efficiency of this fold-up desk, which in no way detracts from its charm.  No matter how small your space is, there is a solution.

Attic Office Spaces Credit: Kady Dunlap for Sarah Wittenbraker Design

And now, some decorative foliage and flowers for all those not enthused about minimalism.  The steep lines of the roof do frame perfectly whichever way you hanker towards when it comes to decor.

eave loft conversion office space Found On Pinterest

The birds’ eye view afforded by an attic is an invaluable asset and one which should be used to best effect, however you and your collaborators decide to approach the project.

Small loft conversion attic office Credit: Marie Claire Maison

A handsomely multipurpose space that we could see being used in any number of functional or merry ways.  Again, it is the careful structural work which makes the fittings so successful – something that we can certainly appreciate.

Small attic office conversion Credit:

Looking back over what we have shown so far, there seem to be a lot of steep roofs!  Each type of roof requires different techniques when a loft conversion is done.  Here is another type, just to mix it up a bit.

Library home office in attic Found On: Apartment Therapy

On that note also, the panelling over the ceiling is very contemporary.  We think it works here; it’s definitely one of the options on your palette of design choices.

Minimal office in attic loft conversion Credit: Chezerbey

Gotta love this – a wood slab straight across the room for a desk, a chair, a lamp, a skylight and that’s pretty much it – it’s an office.

Copenhagen loft conversion office attic Credit: Norm Architects

In the same spirit, but with the additions of a sculpture and a teapot. Nice.

Small attic offices space design ideas Found At: Jou Jou Papillon

We liked the way design ideas are pinned up above the desk in this space.  All kinds of things can be brought together smoothly and efficiently in one room, so this is a great thing to do.  We have worked with people who have years’ worth of images saved up before they make their dream a reality – and it is even more satisfying to make that happen for them.

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