How To Choose A Loft Conversion Company

Islington Loft conversion stairwell

We know that choosing a loft conversion company can be tricky business, and it’s one you shouldn’t take lightly! With a great deal of money invested, you need to be sure that it’s the right company for you. Here are five important tips that will save you from falling prey to cowboy builders.

Tip 1: Check out the physical address and telephone number

This is very vital and this will help you narrow down the search to a certain extent. The builder should provide you with his physical address and a landline telephone number. If you are facing any difficulty, you can immediately contact them at the said address and phone number. If the builder is reluctant to provide you with this information, then be aware! Be very aware!

Tip 2: Check out the accreditations

When it comes to qualifications and accreditations there are plenty on the list.

One of the important ones to look out for is the ‘NICEIC Approved Contractor’. This is very important if thee loft conversion company will be undertaking the electrical works too. So ensure the company provides enough evidence of having this accreditation.

Another important one that we highly recommend to look out for is the ‘FMB Associate Member’. This is nothing but the Federation off Master builders. Since it is the largest trade organisation in the industry, the members should strictly adhere to the code of conduct to get the approval. A FMB member will be a reputed company without any doubt.

Tip 3: Personal recommendations

This may sometimes seem to be a less important one, but you should not under estimate the value of the recommendation given by a friend or a family member. This will be the truest opinion about a company. Take a look at our client testimonials, for instance.

Tip 4: No upfront fees!

If the builder is charging you before the work commences, then you should think about handing over the work to him. Some cowboy builders take this murky financial situation to their benefit and they may even argue about the risk involved in not being paid after the job is done. Always remember, a reputed company will have their accounts in order and they will not get any money from you beforehand.

Instead, a deposit will be taken, which will be placed in a third party scheme to protect you!

Tip 5: No outsourcing involved

It is very common for loft conversion companies to outsource some work to different tradesmen. Having only a few employees to themselves, they find out people who are available to take up a project at that time. As a result of this, there will be no stability in the quality of work done. A reputed company will have a wing of employees who are well qualified in the specified skills.

That’s not to say that contractors should never be used! There are certainly situations in which this is a must, but be aware of companies who are using contractors for everything.