East London Loft Conversions

So you’re a proud resident of London’s wonderful East End? And you’re looking for a loft conversion company? Well you’re in the right place!

At CLL, we have installed over 1000 lofts across the city, and have teams operating north, south, west and, most importantly, east, every day of the week. Glad of our reputation of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we’re excited to hear about your project but first, a little about us.

Our East London Loft Conversions

The two most frequent reasons clients come to us are: because they want to increase the size of their property, and because they want to increase the value. Thankfully these aren’t mutually exclusive, and when you choose Central London Lofts you can be certain of both.

Talking Numbers

With an average property price of £401,398 in East London, adding a loft conversion to your building can add up to £80,300 to the value your property. Our knowledge of the market may even help you increase this number.

Making Room

And that’s not even to take into consideration what you can do with all that space. From home gyms to offices, living rooms to luxury master suites, we turn that dead attic into a thriving part of your home.

Just take a look at a couple of our latest East London loft conversions: