How to Prepare for your Loft Conversion

How to Prepare for your Loft Conversion

Practically the first question on the lips of any of our clients, after we’ve signed the contract. Though it’s a very simple process, most people don’t know how to prepare for their loft conversion. Well, we asked our managing director for a definitive answer!

Q.            What is the average time taken for a loft conversion?

A.             This normally depends on the size of the loft. However, an approximate loft conversion takes about six weeks time.

Q.            What should the loft owner do before the beginning of the project? Should he empty the loft completely?

A.             The loft owners should make sure the main loft is empty. Also ensure the cupboards and other such storage areas in the eaves are clear. If the space hasn’t been cleared, we will have to pause the project until this is done.

Q.             What other preparation should the homeowner undertake?

A.              Clearing the main loft is the priority. However, access to the loft should also be clear, so that we can bring in our equipments without any hassle.

Q.              Will the basic amenities be disconnected?

A.             No. We ensure the basic amenities are not disconnected during the course of the project. However, if needed, we will inform the customer  beforehand.

Q.             Is it needed for the homeowner to move out?

A.             Not recommended. In majority of the cases, we work on the projects while people are living on the premise. We try to make the disruption as minimum as possible, but people should always know that the builders will move in and out of the house frequently during the loft conversion.

Q.             Is there anything else that the homeowner should know?

A.             Certainly. I suggest the homeowner should plan well before the loft conversion. They should have a clear idea about the project and what they are expecting from that. We guide the people right from the beginning, so if there is any doubt, make sure you clear them well in advance.

Have any questions of  your own? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.