Loft Conversion Ideas: The Girls’ Bedroom

As construction work toughens up our hardened hands, our hearts become even more tender at the thought of a little girl eventually occupying the raw spaces we are overhauling. Here are some rooms we hope we are clearing the way for.

Girls’ Bedroom Inspiration

Girls bedroom inspiration for loft conversion Found On Pinterest

This would be in the modern, live-action Disney remake of the above fairytale.  Such a room makes perfect use of the slant of the ceiling.

Loft conversion ideas for girls bedroom Found On Pinterest

The above little girl has become a tween or teen in this room!  Although you never know with kids these days – as they roll their eyes at us old dads saying, they grow up so fast now.  The basic shell of the space is very versatile however – that is always something that we aim for.

Light girls bedroom ideas Found On Pinterest

A ship’s cabin of a pink dream.

Bedroom Loft for Girl Found On Pinterest

This makes us think of old shadow movies.  We hope some unfold here….

Wooden and white girls bedroom Found On Pinterest

This room is an example of a wonderful preservation job – the kind of painstaking craftsmanship and sourcing that is a labour of love and time.

Found On Pinterest Found On Pinterest

A tiny space, but once finished, one that would add much to a family home – and expand in the imagination and memory.

bright girls loft conversion Found On Homedit

This much larger space almost amounts to a private apartment at the top of the house.  It intrigues how a room with so many design elements – ceiling, nook, windows, cupboards, enclosed daybed – still has an overall semi-minimalist impact.

Pink girls bedroom bench Found On Pinterest

A tidy design and storage solution. We are always excited about working these possibilities out with our clients for as seamless a construction and finishing process as possible.

Light green girls bedroom Found On Pinterest

This guest bedroom is just one corner of the loft space – but what a cosy corner it has become.

Small girls bedroom in loft Found On Pinterest

You can see how, with just a bucket of paint and a few modifications to the furniture, a space like this would grow with the child. This is another thing that can be built into the design process from the very beginning if done intelligently and with ingenuity. A sense of fun does not hurt any either.

Twin girls bedroom in loft Found On Pinterest

There is something very serene about this shade of green, especially when it frames such a beautiful window. While we may not be able to help with the paint, depending on how much of your job we work on, we can certainly find ways to incorporate the window into the design.

Mezzanine loft conversion girl bed Found On Pinterest

Most of the outstanding elements of this room are things that we would be directly able to help work out. Having a high-ceilinged attic space definitely comes in handy. Sometimes it is possible to break through into different areas of the house or expand existing spaces, so do not rule anything out before speaking to a specialist in attic renovation.