Loft Conversion Storage Ideas

Gamers boys bedroom loft conversion

Even with the additional space given to you by a loft conversion, you will still find storage an issue – these odds and ends seem to multiply according to how big your home is. Fortunately, there is also no end of loft conversion storage ideas, many of which we would be able to help you figure out. Here are a few that we have noted for future reference.

Table unit storage ideas for loft Found At: House To Home

This one isn’t something that we could actually install for you, but it is definitely handy and something that we could see in many of the loft dens we help out with.

pull out drawer unit storage idea Found At:

A cupboard that we would like in our own homes. Slide all of those products away smoothly and neatly, and still have them all easily at arm’s reach. This type of storage solution also works very well in kitchens, for spices, sauces, and oils. You do not need a lot of space for it at all, just some imagination backed up by a good builder.
Shelving unit inside door

A more traditional idea, but one that is just as sound. The bins for potatoes and onions are especially nice – those and the rack next to it the right size for plastic wrap and foil.

clothing storage unit Found On: Pinterest

Double service wardrobe – you would get the benefit of soundproofing your loft conversion from the neighbours, as well as tidily compartmentalising all of your clothes and linens. The colour coordination here is quite impressive!

Storage around doorway Found On:

Moving on to the kitchen, here is a way to show off all of those utilitarian, decorative items in a way that feels cosy, yet very modern.

Under step storage solution Found At:

This is a terrific one! All staircases should be built this way when you think about it. And the perfect loft conversion storage idea to get the most of those stairwells!

Under stair storage for shoes Found On:

Another staircase game plan that everyone should see! Boots and outdoors shoes can be tricky things – you don’t want them tracking mud through the house, but you don’t want them piled up by the door either.

hidden storage ideas for home objects Found On:

A smaller, but no less ingenious strategy. This is space that would not be utilised otherwise, and essential keys that would probably otherwise be chucked into a messy drawer to be rummaged through for at the moment when you desperately need them.

Door shelving unit Found At:

Here’s one with a slightly different flavour. Although it serves as a storage solution, the aspect we are taken with is how it hides away a staircase to a third floor or loft conversion.

Wooden storage idea for loft Found On: Architecture & Design Magazine

The above idea works just as well on a larger scale. A more sophisticated way to achieve a man-cave – or a private artist’s studio maybe? There are all sorts of possibilities.

Pull out shoe storage unit Found On:

A wonderful use of an otherwise wasted space.

Loft conversion storage idea for desk Found On: Pinterest

This is a beautiful, as well as adept, thought. A remarkable way to carve out some distinct space for creativity.