The New Generation Loft Conversion

new generation loft conversion

We talked to our clients about creating ‘new generation’ loft conversions. Spaces for teens who need their privacy and want somewhere cool to chill out.

Evan & Joanna

At first we were reluctant to have our loft converted. With a teen on the prowl (we mentioned our daughter, of course), we wanted to give her all the privacy she needed. On her thirteenth birthday we presented her with the new loft bedroom with the intention, she will use it as a bedroom. Now she has turned it into a music room as well. All the musical instruments are neatly arranged and she spends most of her time here playing her favourite songs. Maybe this is what the “New Generation” want!

David Miller

I wanted to have my own den where I can spend a lot of time. I am already 50 and I am sure I may not fall under the “New Generation” category as you call it, but my thoughts and ideas are purely “New”. This is what I did. After Central London lofts, delivered my brand new loft room, I did the interiors all by myself. Chrome and black were my choices and so I adorned the entire room with matching curtains, flooring and set up my own den. Now I enjoy spending my time there with my friends. It is indeed a “New Generation” den!

Emily Smith

I love reading books and spending time by myself. When my parents planned to convert our loft my first plea was “I need a library”, so here it is. My brand new library in the loft. The loft room is big enough that I have tweaked the settings a bit, so that I can use it as my bedroom too. Pink is my favourite colour and I have named my room “Pinky’s”. this is where I spend most of my time. Books, books and more books, this is my idea of a “New generation” loft.