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A semi-detached property in the leafy suburb of New Barnet, this loft conversion was a real feel good project.

The client were looking for something a little bit different to your standard job, and we were more than happy to get on board!
 With a wonderfully green garden stretching for longer than you could imagine, the client was keen to give themselves as much fresh air and space in their property as possible.

Our first thought was ‘BALCONY!’ Theirs was ‘YES!’ And we all drank champagne…

No, but seriously, it would have been criminal to skip the opportunity to install french doors in this loft. Especially as, unlike most of our projects, the aim here wasn’t to install a new bedroom, but rather a top floor living space with its own bathroom attached.

Now, this might seem unconventional, but this top floor dining and living area is the pinnacle of the house. A viewing platform of sorts. Walking up all those stairs it almost feels like you’ve managed to escape the world below.

As this was to be a multifunctional room, and our clients creative in their persuasions, we decided to go 

for a soft lilac on the walls, and a white on the ceiling. This made the space feel light and airy without that coldness that sheer white can often bring; key in a larger space like this.

With the FF&E, we wanted to keep things a little playful, and furniture was sourced from different places and with different styles. Marrying a sense of vintage with more modern design.

Speaking of which, the decanter was filled with a vintage scotch for those late nights when you need to relax, unwind and take your mind off of things for a while. And where better to do that than in your spacious loft?