A dormer loft conversion is an extension of the existing roof, allowing additional floor and headroom in lofts with limited space. Normally protruding from the read of the property, a dormer attic protrudes from the roof slope and can be adapted to suit a variety of styles.

Dormer lofts in London are built in a variety of shapes, from the flat and shed-shaped to the gabled, pedimented, hipped, & arched. Flat roof dormers tend to provide the maximum amount of additional internal space, although they do not look attractive from outside. Whilst gable-fronted and hipped-roof dormers look much more attractive, they may not give much internal space and will cost more to build due to their extra complexity. Do be aware that in some areas dormers may not be allowed by the local council so you’ll need to check the rules with your local planning department. If your builder has worked in your area before, he may be able to give you an idea of what could be permitted.

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Types of Dormer Loft Conversions

Gable Roof Dormers

Gable rood dormer loft conversions (that’s a mouthful!) don’t usually require planning permission and are usually the best option for terraced houses. With these projects, we adapt an existing pitched roof to maximise space. Installing vertical windows, you get plenty of extra sunlight and space. And by transforming those nooks and crannies into shelving units, you get loads of extra storage space.

Hip Roof Dormer

The hip roof dormer is similar to the gable roof dormer in terms of its general structure, but the actual roof design is different. Three sloping planes connect to the centre ridge beam instead of two, which offers greater structural integrity. In general hip roofs are a good choice for regions prone to hurricanes or high winds. On the downside, they offer less space as a result of the sloping plane on the front side and are the most complex to construct.

Shed Roof Dormer

The shed roof dormer has a single sloping plane, making it the simplest of all four designs. Generally speaking, this is the most cost-efficient dormer loft conversion compared to the others due to it’s uncomplicated structure.

Arched Dormer

The arched roof dormer is the fourth basic type of roof dormer. And, as the name implies, it has an arched roof. Imbuing your property with a period look, arched roof dormers are ubiquitous in Victorian era properties.

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