Shell Loft Conversion

One of the main problems faced by most  DIYers is the structural work involved in a a loft conversion, which is not only tricky, but can be costly. Shell loft conversions are the best way to minimise the costs involved.

If you like to do things yourself but draw the line at major works such as loft conversions, we can handle the complex jobs while you take care of the simple ones. We can provide a shell conversion that allows you to make your own arrangements to finish the job.

What Is A Shell Loft Conversion?

In a shell loft conversion, we handle all structural changes, leaving the rest to you. This is the perfect solution for those of you who have your own individual vision. By taking care of the major work on your roof, you are left to finish the space however you choose. This not only minimises costs of your loft conversion, but also lets you get creative with the design.

How We Work


In most cases we will need to apply for planning permission for a shell loft conversion, though this entirely depends upon what you want to do with your roof. Our architects and, if necessary, structural engineers will take care of all of this for you. Click here to learn more about planning permission.


We then spend around two weeks creating architectural drawings and plans to ensure that the work will be carried out to modern construction codes.


Generally taking up to 5 weeks, this is the meaty part of our process. We will transform your roof and connect it to your house (typically with a fixed staircase). Then it’s over to you to do what you want with your new loft space. We’ll be happy to offer any additional services that you require, just let us know what you need!

Why We’re Shell Loft Conversion Specialists

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