The Ensuite Honor Oak Park Loft Conversion

22nd Jul 2016

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We absolutely adore Victorian properties.

There’s just something so… well… London about them. You find them dotted all throughout town, but it’s down South that our favourites are.

So when it came to this Honor Oak Park loft conversion, we were excited to get involved! Though don’t get us wrong, these sorts of project can often be a little tricky. Victorian properties tend to be pretty narrow, which means that there’s not much room to mess around with, and you need a serious game plan to utilise as much space as possible before the project begins.

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The Client

This means figuring out precisely how everything is going to sit once the project is complete, and ensuring that you take all possibilities into consideration. Especially with building atop of eaves… We hope that doesn’t sound too daunting, because once the planning was out of the way with this one, it was on to the fun and games.

The Job

It goes without saying that the hardest part of this project was creating the actual shell of the loft conversion. Ensuring that the room would be steady and stable enough to support the additional room on top, as well as to accommodate the new stairwell.

Short on space, the stairwell was certainly going to be tricky, but our designer came up with a funky little solution that curved back around on itself. Finished with a little sunburst orange for added effect.

The Results

When it came to the bathroom, we want to ensure that people didn’t feel too cramped inside, but had everything they needed. A compact shower unit and toilet did the trick there.

By creating a little storage space in between the ensuite and the bedroom meant that we could keep the place from feeling too cluttered. Extremely easy in a room this size.

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