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The Lewisham Loft #2

21st Sep 2016

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From one side to the other, the second Lewisham loft conversion sits right next door to our previous project on Bovill Road.

Forming part of the upstairs flat rented out by the landlord, we were tasked with creating a luxurious loft space complete with a fabulous bathroom in order to increase the rental value of the property.

This meant more space and a high end finish. Something we know only too well

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Lewisham loft flat conversion

The Client

To be rented as part of a separate flat, this Lewisham loft conversion needed to offer the tenant a real sense of luxury and homeliness. Whilst the budget didn’t allow for four poster beds (nor indeed did the headroom), we were keen to give this space a touch of class.

The Job

This manifested first in our choice of colour; going with a soft, muted white and low level ceiling lighting. Following this theme, the white framed bed is offset by the use of wooden furniture, used to create a contrast and prevent the room feeling cold.

The Results

Running through into the bathroom, we opted for cream coated wooden flooring to create a minimal, New York style. The stand-alone bath was chosen for its black base, cutting a contrast in the lines of the floor. A snug space, the intimate bath tub is big enough to share but perfect to lounge in after a long day.

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