Thorold Road Loft Conversion Ilford

23rd Jul 2016

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Perhaps one of our most interesting projects, our Thorold Road loft conversion was challenging to say the least.

Our client was looking to add some serious space to their property, which mean that we needed to think outside of the box a little.

After a few discussions around the drawing board, we decided that the best way to go about this was to create an L-shaped dormer loft conversion. Of course, this required us to get planning permission and for our architect to have his plans extremely scrutinised.

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Big double bedroom loft conversion

The Client

You see, with a project of this shape and size, if you overlook just a small area you can cause some serious damage to the integrity of the structure.

Moving onto the actual build, the client was looking to add a lot of resale value onto this property. An area that is attracting more and more buyers due to cheaper prices, the prices of properties in Ilford are steadily increasing. And by adding an additional two bedrooms, you’re talking more than 40% of the original sale priced added on.

The Job

The first room was to be a double bedroom with enough space to make it feel comfortable, and storage space for potential rental situations. This was achieved by creating two cupboards pushed back into the wall spacing as well as a stand alone unit featuring mirrored doors.

The secondary bedroom was to be even larger featuring a massive home office space which wrapped around the room. Ideal for business owners, freelancers who work from home or even students, this is the best of both worlds. A comfortable bedroom and a perfect home office. You need only roll out of bed in the morning and be at your desk!

The Results

In between the two bedrooms we created a modern-finished bathroom. Accessible to both occupants, it means you never need to leave the top floor unless you want something to eat.

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