Two Floor Loft Conversion Tooting Bec

21st Sep 2016

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Different houses, different projects and different clients throw up all sorts of surprises.

Depending upon when the property was built, this can often lead to tricky solutions and taxing projects. But more often than not, this means we can create a creative solution that suits our client.

This couldn’t be more true than in the case of the two floor Tooting Bec loft conversion. Due to planning permission a traditional dormer loft was out of the question, so we needed to be a little inventive.

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The Client

In order to use as much of the space as we could (without changing the structure of the roof itself), we needed to create a tiered solution that would ensure maximum headroom and functionality.

The Job

On the bottom floor we installed a minimal bedroom. A simple space, we placed a low bed, a couple of bookshelves and a floor length mirror. Perfect for those who like to tuck themselves up in their duvet and bury their face in a good book.

The upper part of the project was converted into a study area. A small little desk sitting under the sky lights. Recessed into the dead space are two storage cupboards, perfect for keeping the room clutter free.

The Results

Due to the ceiling height we couldn’t install a shower unit, but a bath is just as welcome – especially for the book lover. A cosy little space to escape from the world below.

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