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The Walthamstow Loft Conversion

9th Feb 2017

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Perhaps the most up-and-coming area in east London, Walthamstow has seen an increase in property price of 14.6% in the last year alone.

So it’s no surprise that buyers are keen to capitalise on this increase in value by adding a loft conversion to their homes.

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The Client

David works from home, which we all know can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you don’t have to suffer the morning commute, the Pret-A-Manger sandwiches, the tube strikes, delays, headache of rail replacement. But on the other, it can be hard to stay motivated. I mean, they’re not really comparable complaints are they.

Well, to address the issue of home-work complacency, he wanted to create an airy office space in which they could focus on their work and not feel claustrophobic staying in the house all day. So in we came to turn that redundant attic into a freelancer’s paradise.

The Job

We started out creating space by opening up the loft with a dormer conversion. This was done by opening up the faces of the roof on either side of the dormer. As a little twist on the traditional, the external walls were completed with wooden slats as an extension of the internal design.

On the inside, the emphasis was on creating a well lit working environment. By installing multiple sky lights, as well as large open windows, we not only introduced a lot of natural light, but gave the client a view from their desk. Speaking of which, the bathroom, and specifically the tub, benefit from a view over the garden, with a privacy screen to protect their modesty.

The Results

Whilst this space is being utilised as an office for the time being, the open layout allows for versatility and the creation of an additional bedroom should the clients desire it, or want to sell the house on.

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